29-2-2016 Inflatable Testing Day

Being Part of one of the UK’s Largest inflatable hire and sales company means we have hundreds of inflatables and items that need regular safety inspections. This means that all of our hire fleet from the smallest inflatable to the largest of climbing walls need regular inspections.

22-2-2016 Website Launch

Our updated website has just launched, there are a few bugs but were ironing them out.

14-02-2016 Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines day

6-2-2016 Team Building day

Were taking our team Go Carting today for a team building experience day over in Northampton, Hope i Win!!

21-01-2016 Cambridge

Massive meeting today in Cambridge for a 3500 person family fun day for a large multinational company

18-01-2016 Back in the Office

Well the first 40 Ft Container has just arrived with over 60 new inflatables and accessories to help us get started this year with the newest and best inflatable family fun days.

16-01-2016 Post Christmas Casino Hire

Were of to our local Honda Dealers today for a Fun Casino Weekend to try and entice you all in to buy a new Honda

11-1-2016 Its Cold, i’m sat in the office

With Christmas and the new year out of the way its full steam ahead with organising our teams to start planning, marketing our new games and sorting out our websites to appeal to you all and make finding the activity you require easier.

1-1-2016 Happy New Year

Well we hope you had a good Christmas and an even better new years eve party, but now have a good new year and start planning your summer events with www.ontargetactivities.co.uk


25-12-2015 Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to you all have a great time